Your company will benefit from my passion in marketing, prompt reporting and organized record-keeping ability. I have a special eye for details. I am available for part-time arrangements.

You can rely on me to:

add and build hundreds to thousands of connections in LinkedIn that will end up to coffee meetings and closed deals
conduct a content marketing research
create effective content marketing strategies with you to serve your clients
help you position yourself as the expert in the industry through your content
help you build a good relationship with your audience/clients
manage your content/editorial calendar
organize your schedule in Google Calendar
make Prezi presentations
run giveaways in Facebook
maintain your social media accounts using IFTTT and Hootsuite
organize your notes in Evernote
create Animoto presentations
manage your projects in Asana

You never have to worry about:

few and poor quality LinkedIn connections that do not lead to profits
running out of content ideas
unmonitored content/editorial calendar
dull presentations
missed deadlines
lost important details
missed or unassigned tasks
dormant social media accounts
You can enjoy peace of mind because I’m in charge of your content marketing strategies, calendar, team, social media, blogs, and presentations.

Here are my oDesk Exams:

oDesk Test

Finally, you’ve found the most remarkable, prompt and organized virtual professional in town!

Your Remarkable Virtual Professional,


Marivic L. Gutierrez


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